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We offer training courses, which can be customized for only one person or for a group of people, in situ or online.
The topics we have available are:


  • Good Hygiene Practices

  • Good Agricultural Practices

  • Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Selection, use and management of agrochemicals

  • Dosing of disinfectants


  • Social Responsibility

  • Development of a Microbiological Analysis Program


If you do not find the topic or subject you're looking for, please contact us, we will gladly assist and inform you if we are able to provide that course.

Previous Courses


  • Chihuahua April 27th-29th

      FSMA Conference + Training Internationa HACCP Alliance

      Professional Food Safety 


  • Nogales,AZ March 29th-30th / April 5th-6th / April 12th-13th

      Food Safety Workshop      

      March 29th-30th

      Ricardo Islas - Food Safety & Technology expert

      Food Safety Specialist - FDA

      Moises Fonseca - AZ Tech Pest Control

      Dr. Miguel Angel Martinez Tellez - CIAD Hermosillo

      April 5th-6th

      Arturo Rodriguez - AgriCoach Consultant & Primus Auditing Ops Auditor

      Lester Sandoval - Primus Labs

      Humberto Gonzalez - Primus Auditing Operations

      Juan Jesus Sanchez Miller - SCS Global Services

      Adriana Camacho - NSF International

      April 12th-13th

      Juan Muniz - HACCP Alliance Certification


  • Chihuahua June 17th-19th

      PrimusGFS Version 2.1

      Primus Auditing Operations


  • Mazatlan September 7th-11th

      PrimusGFS Version 2.1 + Training Internal Auditor + Social Responsibility Module

      Primus Auditing Operations

      Hotel Emporio

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