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We have a large variety of services available for your business:



Are you provider of organic supplies such as compost, substrates and fertilizers?


We offer verification of your organic supplies, with which you can offer it to farmers as Organic Certified meeting all the requirements they need for compliance with their production system. This verification we offer is equivalent to the OMRI service, however, our approval covers not only the revision of the requirements for compliance with the NOP USDA standard, but also for the markets of Europe and Japan (by request from the customer).


The verification procedure lasts only 30 days.



  • FS Coaching

  • Certification Programs

  • Growers Development

  • Certification Audits

  • Second Party Audits

  • Mock Audits

  • Training

  • Social Responsibility

  • Microbiological  and Pesticides Analysis

  • Sampling

  • FDA Detention Support

  • Online Store



  • Good Agriculture Practices

  • Good Manufacturing Practices

  • PrimusGFS

  • GlobalGAP

  • BRC

  • NOP USDA - Organics

  • USDA

  • SRCC - Senasica

  • Social Responsibility

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